The Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) is a vibrant research centre at the University of Bristol.

CIRE brings together researchers who address issues of social, environmental and epistemic justice in education theory, policy and practice. In 2021 I became a co-Director of CIRE, to help carry forward its long history of internationally recognised research.

The Race, Empire and Education Research Collective (REE) supports interdisciplinary discussions about racialisation and racism in education. We facilitate regular reading-groups and foster communities of scholarship and activism across academic and non-academic institutions.

I am a founding member of REE. Learn more about our activities and how to join us!

As the world is confronted by ethno-nationalism and growing authoritarianism, the Senior Fellowship Programme at NORRAG collaboratively debates current issues in international cooperation in education from a decolonial perspective. I am delighted to be a Senior Fellow at NORRAG as part of their inaugural cohort.

The Education Justice and Memory Network (EdJAM) is an international network of researchers, educators and civil society organisations working in the arts, education and heritage. Led by Julia Paulson, the network is committed to creative ways to teach and learn about the violent past in order to build more just futures.

I am excited to be supporting EdJAM as a member of their Advisory Board

FreshEd is a weekly podcast by Will Brehm that makes complex ideas in educational research easily understood.

It’s been a thrill to be part of the Board of Directors for FreshEd. Take a look at its extroardinary archive of educational resources.

Scholarly Communities

I contribute to a number of different fields within education as an editorial board member of the following academic journals:

  • Futures
  • Race, Ethnicity and Education
  • Discourse: the Cultural Politics of Education
  • International Studies in Sociology of Education